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The CEO's Guide to Building a Deal Team

Selling a business is a deal like no other. 
As a business owner, you’re faced with the mammoth task of keeping your business running at full speed, while also marketing the company to potential investors and preparing for a transition from an emotional and financial perspective. 
Many entrepreneurs only go through this process once in a lifetime — so it’s crucial to have skilled professionals who know the ropes on your side.
“A team of experts can increase the odds that you walk away a real winner,” says Gary Ampulski, Managing Partner of Midwest Genesis. 
In this ebook, you’ll learn how to build a deal team with both external and internal resources. 
  • What roles should your C-suite play in the deal process?
  • What external roles do you need to fill in the deal team?
  • How can an M&A advisor add value to the M&A process?