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Free NDA Template

Download a Sample NDA from Axial

The average generalist investor sources more than a thousand deals per year. In order to determine if a deal is worth their time, investors must spend a significant amount of time receiving, reviewing, marking up, signing, scanning, and returning an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

On Axial, members can save time by using the Axial Standard NDA — a common legal protocol that governs the terms of engagement for all parties to a particular transaction. The Axial Standard NDA was created by a team of investors, advisors, lawyers, and business owners, and includes essential elements including:

  • Including Representation
  • Required Disclosure
  • 12 Month Non-Solicitation
  • 18 Month Expiration

The Axial Standard NDA serves as a useful template for anyone creating an NDA or interested in seeing a sample non-disclosure agreement.