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The Complete Guide to Evaluating Buyers for Your Company

So you’ve decided to sell your company… Now you need an exit plan.


There is a reason it’s called “exit planning” and not simply “exiting” – the steps involved in determining how to ultimately leave the company you’ve built require careful thought, deliberate consideration, and plenty of time. A good place to start is often with the end in mind. By identifying the ideal outcome of your exit, you will be able to determine the best partner for the transition.


After you have thought about things like how much you want to be involved post-sale, how important it is to you that your brand lives on, and other factors that we’ll discuss in this eBook, you can begin evaluating the type of investors or buyers you’d be open to working with, and start the process of identifying an actual short-list. To do that, you’ll need to understand the universe of potential buyers

Evaluating Buyers For Your Company