To All Members and the Broader Axial Community:

Our entire company understands Axial’s unique opportunity to do its part to minimize the looming economic damage and financial distress in the lower middle market.

5 things I wanted you all to know:

1 - Axial is open for business The platform is up 24/7/365. Our teams are accessible *every* business day and help is available via We’ll also attempt to be responsive on nights and weekends.

2 - Special Situation Investors and M&A Advisors are accessible via Axial Our BD teams are actively onboarding specialty advisors, lenders and investors who focus on crisis financing, special situation investing, and related transactions. Our goal is to ensure a maximum diversity of credible advisors and capital partners that can actively partner with business owners in the upcoming months / quarters.

3 - New platform features will help overcome business travel / WFH limitations We are focused on making it as easy and convenient as possible for lower middle market owners and deal professionals to accelerate their transition to digital-centric dealmaking.

4 - Virtual events will supplement Axial’s in-person events We produced our first *virtual* already (see here). We discussed supply chain disruptions, healthcare M&A and telehealth implications. It was a great conversation. PortCo crisis management is the next topic, details forthcoming. Have a topic / idea? Just reply and we’ll get it reviewed and incorporated.

5 - The Post-Coronavirus Lower Middle Market Deal Activity Dashboard We want to maximize visibility into lower middle market deal activity during this period. The Post-Coronavirus Lower Middle Market Deal Activity Dashboard surfaces aggregate anonymized Axial buyer and seller activity, deals sent, industry and geographic trends, and more. Click here to view the dashboard.

We are blessed at Axial to be able to work from home uninterrupted. We will bring to bear the full potential of the platform, the membership network, and the Axial team to best support the vitality and activity of the lower middle market. Stay healthy and please reach out anytime. 💙 Flag: United States on Google Android 10.0 #KillTheVirus


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